CSC 150 Database Applications and Design Using SQL

Spring 2010

Term Project

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This term project is required for all students taking this course. By the fourth week, you will have enough information to begin this project.

For this project, you are going to design and build your own database and construct queries to extract your data. This project should use the techniques presented in the book. You are going to be building your own application using the techniques discussed in chapters one through twelve in the course textbook.

You need to keep this simple. It is a demonstration system, not a real world application.

Due Date: May 13, 2010

Looking at the Database Design Process

Project Ideas

Tables and Other Database Objects

Create at least four tables (up to eight if you need them). Put several rows of data into each table, 6 - 10 in most tables, 20 - 30 rows in one table. You should use the Lunches database example from the book and the Recipes database designed by your instructor as your guide.

Your database should include the following elements:

Extra Credit Additions


Create at least one SQL query based on each chapter for chapters 2 - 12. It is okay to omit a few if they do not apply to your database.

What To Submit

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