Bassist Steve Harris formed Iron Maiden around 1976. He is the only original member of Iron Maiden still in the band. They've gone through numerous member changes throughout their recording career. In 1978 with Paul Di'Anno on vocals, Dave Murray on guitar, Doug Sampson on drums, and Steve on Bass they recorded an EP called "The Soundhouse Tapes". By 1980 Sampson was replaced by Clive Burr and they added second guitarist Dennis Stratton. This lineup recorded the debut album "Iron Maiden". By the end of 1980 Stratton was replaced by Adrian Smith. With that lineup "Killers" Maidens second album was recorded in 1981. By the end of '81 Di'Anno was replaced by Bruce Dickinson. With that lineup they recorded "The Number Of The Beast" in 1982. "The Number Of The Beast" became one of Maidens best selling albums. In 1983 Clive Burr was replaced by Nicko McBrian. Dickinson, Smith, Harris, Murray, and McBrian was Maidens longest lasting lineup. With this lineup they recorded 1983's "Piece Of Mind", 1984's "Powerslave", 1986's "Somewhere In Time", and 1988's "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son". In 1989 Adrian Smith left the band. He was replaced by Janick Gers. He played guitar on 1990's "No Prayer For The Dying" and 1992's "Fear Of The Dark". In 1993 Bruce Dickinson left Iron Maiden to pursue a solo career. Blaze Bayley replaced him in 1994. He sang on Maidens most recent album "X-Factor" in 1995. Maiden also just put out a greatest hits album called "Best Of The Beast".

Albums I own

Iron Maiden
Number of the Beast
Piece of Mind
Somewhere In Time
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

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