Welcome to the 20th reunion of..

Hamden Hall Country Day School Class of 1977

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 Held at the River Restaurant in Derby, Connecticut on June 8th, 1997, exactly 20 years from the day we graduated.
 Sue Eliason Traudt &Dave Yakerson
 One group picture
 Another group picture
 And another group picture
 Finally, the final group shot
 (l-r) Mrs. Canavaciolo - algebra instructor, Jim Bean - the football coach, Sonny's wife, Mike Schroeder and his wife
 (l-r) Dr. Barbara Beitch-biology instructor, Mrs. C, Bill Hadden (well, the back of his head), Jerry Witson-headmaster (again from behind). In the background, Whitney Russell-Russian history instructor talks to Ellen Slusky, l &Susie Chapin, r
 Whitney Russell, Jerry Whitson, Susie Chapin, the spouses' table
 Jim Bean from the back, Sonny, in the background Paul Sasson, Dana Baron, and Terry Canavaciolo
 Dan Zibello - Chemistry instructor talking with Bill Hadden and Bill's wife
 Jim Bean & Sonny again, in the background, Whitney Russell and Susie Chapin
 Yet another shot of Jim Bean. In the background, Karen Whitten(from behind) talking with Mike Schroeder and his wife. Seated with them Mitch Fierstein and his wife.
 (l-r) Wendell Jenkins, Whitney Russell, Susie Chapin, Mark Adley, Sue Eliason Traudt, Jill Dahlgard, Terry Canavaciolo
 (l-r) Mark Adley, Karen Whitten, Terry Canavaciolo and Sue Eliason Traudt exchanging pictures of their kids.
Please, if you can help me with updated names of any other information, please e-mail me at Sue@ttsw.com - Thanks Sue Traudt

PS: Please forgive any mispellings, I'm doing this from a 20 year old memory!

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